About New York City Wedding Photography

Silver Boat Photography is a boutique wedding photography studio conveniently located in Bondi Junction.

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Otherwise we a lot of destination wedding photography like New York, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island and long Island also we did elopement wedding photographer Photographers New York City Wedding Photography in our studio are multi-award winning Sydney wedding photographers whose combined visions deliver a fusion of photo journalistic and artistic styles in wedding coverage. As soon we did a lot of event with Photobooth Party New York City Wedding Photography we also recommend to have a fun with our Mirror Photobooth Package, We offering Mirror Photobooth in New York and Brooklyn Photobooth. Our main goal is to express your personality and to artistically document every moment of your wedding day, so you can relive these memories decades after your wedding and proudly present your wedding album to your loved ones… more about the photographers

We recommend you the Best Wedding Place for wedding pictures is Central Park, becouse Central Parl have a lot of uniqe and beautifully spots for Central Park Wedding Photograph and off course New York City Wedding Photography

AIPPBeing AIPP Accredited Professional Photographers we provide professional images and cherished memories which will last forever. also here New York City Wedding Photography

Services what we provided :

360 wedding photography

city hall wedding photographer

elopement wedding photographer

lgbt wedding photographer

central park wedding photographer

gay wedding photographer

same sex wedding photographer